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Vostfr fc8bc5d3b Unable to verify account. Category:Self-organizing maps Category:Self-organizing maps in PythonThe present invention relates to a color cathode ray tube and, more particularly, to a color cathode ray tube having an improved function of preventing a so-called second color blur, or color washout, from occurring in a picture tube screen. In a conventional color cathode ray tube, particularly a display tube of the In-line type having an electron gun for producing three electron beams arranged in a line, the luminance of the picture tube screen is made bright by increasing the deflection angle of a deflection yoke (hereinafter called "DY") associated with the electron gun. The greater the deflection angle of the DY, the more the DY can improve the luminance of the screen. Therefore, the DY is arranged at a position distant from the neck of the display tube. In the case of a color display tube having three electron guns, a separate DY for each of the guns is arranged in a central portion of the tube, and the deflection angle of the DY is selected to be large to improve the luminance of the color picture tube screen. As an example of a conventional color cathode ray tube, the electron gun structure disclosed in Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. 4-254211 is shown in FIGS. 1 and 2. In FIGS. 1 and 2, the reference numeral 101 designates a front glass; 102, a rear glass; 103, a front magnetic shield; 104, a back magnetic shield; 105, a deflection yoke; 106, an electron gun; and 107, a focusing electrode. The electron gun 106 comprises a control grid 1, a first accelerating electrode 2, a second accelerating electrode 3, a third accelerating electrode 4, a fourth accelerating electrode 5, a fifth accelerating electrode 6, a sixth accelerating electrode 7, and a seventh accelerating electrode 8. A convergence control electrode 9 is provided between the seventh accelerating electrode 8 and the deflection yoke 105. The sixth accelerating electrode 7 and the seventh accelerating electrode 8 are connected to an anode 10 of a main transformer (not shown). The seventh accelerating electrode 8 is connected to a cathode of the main transformer (not shown). FIGS. 3A-3D and FIGS. 4A-4D show the operation of the electron gun 106 ac619d1d87

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